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Churchmouse is the moniker Northwestern songwriter Burke Jam uses to engender his most recent collection of songs. Burke combines strong elements of folk music with the experimental to create a haunting journey full of hope and melancholy on …And Only One Sky...

Burke's last release Quiet : Open was recorded in 2003 by Dave Van (This is a Process of a Still Life, Purrbot) at Prod 3 Studio in Missoula, MT. Burke shared a split bill spring tour with This is a Process of a Still Life in early 2004. He spent 2005-06 dividing time between further tours as a member of TIAPOASL and playing select solo shows.

Written over the course of the past two years ...And Only One Sky... delivers the range of organic arrangements as well as stark instrumentation. The project was recorded in the late winter of 2006 and early spring of 2007 at Habbilis Records in Missoula, MT and mastered by JJ Golden in Ventura, CA. The cast of musicians include members from The Broken Valley Roadshow, This is a Process of a Still Life, Tarkio and The UM Jazz band . It is the essence and integration of Burke's past work - a destination rather than a departure. The music is rustic, but immediate; an homage to dust-bowl era musicians like Woody Guthrie while sharing collective lineage with artists such as Damian Jurardo or Will Oldham. To listen to …And Only One Sky… is to be transported in time to another era - to see this past unfold before you – and walk in the steps of so many, into the maelstrom of the present. Burke creates songs that, however personal they may be to him, speak to every listener. He has tapped into the mythological – the collective unconscious – on this album and crisscrosses the great divide between hope and anguish with deft ability.

...And Only One Sky… release date: 11-16-07 on Fireflysessions