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location: portland, OR
press: Portland band the Reduction Method recently released their debut album 'Lahar'. The CD comes in this... more.
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Conceived Autumn 2000 in Portland, Oregon, Reduction Method started as a side-project in sound experimentation that quickly eclipsed any other projects the members happened to be in. Initial lineup changes early in the writing period proved to be a hurdle the band had to work hard at overcoming yet they managed to self-release a three song demo CD in 2001 and their first full-length 'Lahar' in the summer of 2002 while playing locally as much as possible.

Reduction Method clearly doesn't attempt to fit into any single genre opting instead to pull from various and often-unlikely influences from the realms of punk, jazz, noise and spazz. Their songs weave through moody, expansive melodies to torrents of over-driven guitars and pounding, calculated rhythms that portray a manic sense of purpose and perhaps even a little reason.

Born of frustration, born of dissatisfaction their sole purpose is sonic mayhem.