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location: Manchester, United Kingdom
label: Angry Penguin Records
press: "Right now, Pendleton are the best skate-punk band in the UK. Seriously. This four-tracker will prop... more.
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Armed with the fury of classic punk acts such as Minor Threat and Bad Brains and blended with intelligent vocals and a serious commitment to providing a positive alternative to the oft-dreary and disenchanted aura that engulfs most punk bands, Manchester’s Pendleton might be seen as an outcast amongst their peers.

“We wanted our songs to be socially prevalent,” says Mike “but we didn’t want to fall into any of the punk rock pitfalls. We looked at the situation within our own city and starting writing about the things that where directly affecting us”.

Founded in late 2003 by Mike Hayse and Thomas Forster, Pendleton rose from the ashes of Thomas’s former band Plan B, taking the template and expanding it further by adding the thought-provoking vocals of Mike.

The cohesive sound of Pendleton is actually a seamless melding of two musically independent worlds. “Mike comes from more of an old-school punk background.” comments Jason, “He grew up with Bad Brains, NOFX, Lagwagon, Propaghandi, all the melodic punk stuff. Thomas liked bigger acts like Korn, Deftones and Blink 182. We were wondering how this would all work. I mean, it should’ve been a train wreck.”

Fortunately, there was no derailment in sight for Pendleton. In fact, almost a year after they first met, the act was playing their first show, only to be shortly followed by the bands first self release in 2004, Stamp Out The Japanazis.

“We liked what we heard in the rehearsal space” says Jason ”but now it was time to get it recorded and see if it gave us that same feeling of accomplishment when it was coming out of the studio speakers”.

The self-released Stamp Out The Japanazis quickly sold out of its first pressing. Instead of reprinting the album the band quickly got to work on a follow up release.

An Elbow to the Temple Says You Will was released in July 2005. This release saw a developing writing style that was bringing something new and unique to punk scene and which coincided with an 8-week tour across the UK and Europe. This tour saw the band sharing the stage with bands such as Captain Everything!, Sonic Boom 6, Failsafe, The Mercury League, The Maple State and Conflict to name but a few.

Just like its predecessor, An Elbow to the Temple Says You Will quickly sold out of it first two pressings. Again the band decided not to re-press the CD as an even more matured writing style had begun to develop in the rehearsal space. They therefore began working on demos for their third album.

British label Distort Manchester Records took an interest in Pendleton’s newest demo track and quickly singed the band. Shortly after signing with Distort Manchester Records You, By Us was recorded and ready to be released, but not before Pendleton scored a distribution deal with the UK’s largest independent distributor; Proper Music Distribution.

You by Us was released in the UK on August 7th 2006. Fuelled by great reviews, and a music video that saw rotation on MTV2, the album went on to sell thousands of copies in England. Soon after the British release Pendleton struck a deal with Japan’s Bells On Records and a special Japanese edition of the album was launched in early 2007.

New York’s Angry Penguin Records also took a strong interest in Pendleton and they agreed to release an exclusive US edition of You by Us including tracks from previous album An Elbow to the Temple Says You Will. The album was released stateside in June 2007.

Pendleton will be making their first trip to the United States this summer. They will be joining Angry Penguin Records on the 2007 Vans Warped tour and will also be promoting the release of You, By Us with a thirty date tour of the United States in September.