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location: fresno, CA
label: grey tank records
press: Bel and the Dragon leaves Fresno for US tour By Joshua Tehee (Updated Friday, February 25, 2005,... more.
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"When you guys sounds kind of sounds like The Beatles if Brian May replaced George Harrison...or..yeah..if John Lennon fronted Built To Spill or Dinosaur Jr., you guys just rock." (Quote from a audience member at The Knitting Factory in New York City, New York) So goes the effect Bel and the Dragon's infectious sound has on audiences nation wide. Hailing from the Central Valley of California, Bel hopes to forge a new sound that the Valley can call their own while spearheading their own personal crusade to push artistic boundaries and the genre of rock and roll. A record or live show from Bel will subject the listener to searing guitars, catchy melodies, flowing harmonies, intelligent lyrics, and basslines that swing like a pair of brontosaurus balls all wrapped up in dynamic arrangements. Drawing their influences from artists such as the aforementioned Beatles, The Pixies, Superdrag, Archers Of Loaf, Weezer, and Elliott Smith; Bel and the Dragon manages to blend that with their classical and jazz schooled back grounds, giving the songs a well thought out, orchestrated feel. From soft and piano based to raucous and dance-able (sometimes even in the same song), the rock never slows down.