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date day city state location status
04/25/2003 Friday seattle WA mars bar / cafe venus confirmed
05/30/2003 Friday seattle WA Film shoot for “SUB” /Fetish Party at Egan House confirmed
06/10/2003 Tuesday seattle WA mars bar / cafe venus confirmed
06/12/2003 Thursday spokane WA mootsys confirmed
06/13/2003 Friday spokane WA mootsys confirmed
06/14/2003 Saturday bozeman MT zebra coctail lounge confirmed
06/15/2003 Sunday cheyenne WY club drakula confirmed
06/16/2003 Monday glenwood springs CO feral cafe confirmed
06/17/2003 Tuesday denver CO 15th street tavern confirmed
06/19/2003 Thursday denver CO the larimer lounge confirmed
06/20/2003 Friday pueblo CO the compound - CANCELLED confirmed
06/21/2003 Saturday kansas city MO the hurricane confirmed
06/22/2003 Sunday omaha NE ranch bowl confirmed
06/23/2003 Monday norfolk NE club friction confirmed
06/24/2003 Tuesday chicago IL the chase cafe confirmed
06/25/2003 Wednesday cedar rapids IA the reverb confirmed
06/26/2003 Thursday lansing MI mac's bar confirmed
06/28/2003 Saturday battle creek MI Django's cafe confirmed
06/29/2003 Sunday columbus OH bernie's confirmed
06/30/2003 Monday new cumberland PA the whyre confirmed
07/01/2003 Tuesday rochester NY the bug jar confirmed
07/03/2003 Thursday easthampton MA the flywheel confirmed
07/04/2003 Friday New York NY arlene grocery confirmed
07/05/2003 Saturday port jervis NY the vault confirmed
07/06/2003 Sunday manhattan NY the meow mix confirmed
07/07/2003 Monday brooklyn NY the luxx confirmed
07/08/2003 Tuesday richmond VA nancy ray gun confirmed
07/09/2003 Wednesday knoxville TN patrick sullivans confirmed
07/10/2003 Thursday atlanta GA lenny's bar confirmed
07/11/2003 Friday new orleans LA the space confirmed
07/12/2003 Saturday houston TX the sidecar pub confirmed
07/13/2003 Sunday austin TX red eyed fly confirmed
07/14/2003 Monday lubbock TX tokyo joe's confirmed
07/15/2003 Tuesday las cruces NM The Dirt confirmed
07/16/2003 Wednesday albuquerque NM burt's tiki lounge confirmed
07/17/2003 Thursday phoenix AZ jugheads confirmed
07/18/2003 Friday fallon NV jive 'n' java confirmed
07/19/2003 Saturday oakland CA stork club confirmed
07/20/2003 Sunday alameda CA rooster's roadhouse confirmed
07/21/2003 Monday san francisco CA kimo's confirmed
07/22/2003 Tuesday portland OR tonic lounge confirmed
07/23/2003 Wednesday pendleton OR the metropolis confirmed
07/24/2003 Thursday bozeman MT zebra coctail lounge confirmed
07/25/2003 Friday billings MT eleven:11 confirmed
07/26/2003 Saturday spokane WA mootsys confirmed
08/02/2003 Saturday seattle WA mars bar confirmed
09/20/2003 Saturday spokane WA mootsys confirmed
09/21/2003 Sunday seattle WA cafe venus / mars bar confirmed
09/22/2003 Monday portland OR twilight cafe confirmed
12/05/2003 Friday WA OR ID WA help
12/06/2003 Saturday pendleton OR the metropolis confirmed
12/07/2003 Sunday walla walla WA the underground confirmed
12/08/2003 Monday spokane WA the b-side confirmed
12/09/2003 Tuesday seattle WA the rendezvous confirmed
12/10/2003 Wednesday portland OR the tonic lounge confirmed
12/11/2003 Thursday eugene OR samurai duck confirmed
12/12/2003 Friday stockton CA caffiene den confirmed
12/13/2003 Saturday fallon NV jive'n'java confirmed
12/14/2003 Sunday san francisco CA kimo's confirmed
03/10/2005 Thursday Spokane WA Spike Coffeehouse confirmed
03/11/2005 Friday spokane WA b side confirmed
03/12/2005 Saturday pendleton OR house 801 confirmed
03/18/2005 Friday portland OR ash st saloon confirmed
03/19/2005 Saturday seattle WA sunset tavern* confirmed
06/22/2005 Wednesday tacoma WA hell's kitchen confirmed
06/23/2005 Thursday Spokane WA Mootsy's* confirmed
06/24/2005 Friday spokane WA Molotov Room confirmed
06/25/2005 Saturday moscow ID mikey's gyros confirmed
06/26/2005 Sunday Pullman WA help
06/27/2005 Monday missoula MT Elk's Lodge confirmed
06/28/2005 Tuesday Bozeman MT Zebra Cocktail Lounge confirmed
06/29/2005 Wednesday pendleton OR house 801 confirmed
06/30/2005 Thursday Richland WA Ray’s Golden Lion confirmed
07/01/2005 Friday portland OR slabtown confirmed
07/02/2005 Saturday olympia WA Le Voyeur confirmed
09/15/2005 Thursday spokane WA mootsys* confirmed
09/16/2005 Friday lagrande OR The Olde Towne Mercantile confirmed
09/17/2005 Saturday pullman WA house party at mark’s crib* confirmed
09/18/2005 Sunday mt default help
09/19/2005 Monday missoula MT higgins annex confirmed
09/20/2005 Tuesday bozeman MT filling station confirmed
09/21/2005 Wednesday wolf point MT vfw confirmed
09/22/2005 Thursday mandan ND jokers confirmed
09/23/2005 Friday aberdeen SD the red rooster confirmed
09/24/2005 Saturday omaha NE oleavers confirmed
09/25/2005 Sunday denver CO forest room five confirmed
09/26/2005 Monday wichita KS kirby's beer store confirmed
09/27/2005 Tuesday lawrence KS the crossing* confirmed
09/28/2005 Wednesday lawrence KS jackpot confirmed
09/29/2005 Thursday des moines IA vaudeville mews confirmed
09/30/2005 Friday minneapolis MN 400 bar confirmed
10/01/2005 Saturday fargo ND great northern brewery confirmed
10/02/2005 Sunday madison WI coral room confirmed
10/03/2005 Monday chicago IL redline tap confirmed
10/04/2005 Tuesday milwaukee WI 8th note confirmed
10/05/2005 Wednesday lafayette IN skylight coffeehouse confirmed
10/06/2005 Thursday mishawaka IN studeo 315 confirmed
10/07/2005 Friday quincy MI blingerz confirmed
10/08/2005 Saturday dayton OH the attic club confirmed
10/09/2005 Sunday detroit MI painted lady lounge confirmed
10/10/2005 Monday grand rapids MI ten bells confirmed
10/11/2005 Tuesday cleveland OH pats in the flats confirmed
10/12/2005 Wednesday syracuse NY mezzanotte lounge confirmed
10/13/2005 Thursday boston MA abbey pub confirmed
10/14/2005 Friday nashua NH drifters confirmed
10/15/2005 Saturday new england default help
10/16/2005 Sunday bound brook NJ hamilton st. confirmed
10/17/2005 Monday nyc NY lit confirmed
10/18/2005 Tuesday brooklyn NY north six confirmed
10/19/2005 Wednesday new york NY meany fest confirmed
10/20/2005 Thursday college park MD college perk confirmed
10/21/2005 Friday washington DC cafe manowaj confirmed
10/22/2005 Saturday wilmington NC rusty nail confirmed
10/23/2005 Sunday nc default help
10/24/2005 Monday sc default help
10/25/2005 Tuesday valdosta GA vitos pizza confirmed
10/26/2005 Wednesday savannah GA sentient bean confirmed
10/27/2005 Thursday st augustine FL club fusion confirmed
10/28/2005 Friday jacksonville FL the pearl confirmed
10/29/2005 Saturday pensacola FL the handlebar confirmed
10/30/2005 Sunday la / ms default help
10/31/2005 Monday shreveport LA lil' joes confirmed
11/01/2005 Tuesday houston TX clarks confirmed
11/02/2005 Wednesday austin default help
11/03/2005 Thursday austin TX redrum confirmed
11/04/2005 Friday el paso TX t-lounge* confirmed
11/05/2005 Saturday nm / el paso default help
11/06/2005 Sunday albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
11/07/2005 Monday az default help
11/08/2005 Tuesday phoenix AZ the trunk space confirmed
11/09/2005 Wednesday phoenix AZ paper heart gallery confirmed
11/10/2005 Thursday tucson AZ tba* confirmed
11/11/2005 Friday san diego CA scolaris confirmed
11/12/2005 Saturday so cal default help
11/13/2005 Sunday los angeles CA the scene bar confirmed
11/14/2005 Monday oakland CA mama buzz confirmed
11/15/2005 Tuesday no cal / so or default help
11/16/2005 Wednesday medford OR roller odyssey confirmed
11/17/2005 Thursday eugene OR diablos confirmed
11/18/2005 Friday portland OR slabtown (need to find locals) confirmed
11/19/2005 Saturday seattle WA tba* pending
04/03/2008 Thursday Spokane WA The Zombie Room confirmed
04/04/2008 Friday Pendleton OR ????? confirmed
04/05/2008 Saturday Portland OR Towne Lounge confirmed
07/04/2008 Friday Seattle WA victory lounge* confirmed
07/05/2008 Saturday spokane / portland / pendleton default help
07/06/2008 Sunday boise default help
07/07/2008 Monday slc UT default help
07/08/2008 Tuesday denver default help
07/09/2008 Wednesday albuquerque NM the launch pad (early show) pending
07/10/2008 Thursday NM or AZ default help
07/11/2008 Friday tucson AZ red room pending
07/12/2008 Saturday so cal default help
07/13/2008 Sunday so/ mid cal default help
07/17/2008 Thursday portland OR Red Room confirmed
08/07/2008 Thursday Spokane WA help
08/08/2008 Friday Missoula MT badlander confirmed
08/09/2008 Saturday MT MT bozeman / great falls help
08/10/2008 Sunday havre MT tba confirmed
08/11/2008 Monday ND, SD or MN ND help
08/12/2008 Tuesday minneapolis MN uptown bar confirmed
08/13/2008 Wednesday indianapolis IN melody inn confirmed
08/14/2008 Thursday chicago IL us beer ( need locals) pending
08/15/2008 Friday louisville KY help
08/16/2008 Saturday St Louis MO lemmons confirmed
08/17/2008 Sunday Kansas City MO help
08/18/2008 Monday Omaha NE help
08/19/2008 Tuesday Denver CO 3 kings tavern confirmed
08/20/2008 Wednesday W/SW CO, WY or UT CO help
08/21/2008 Thursday salt lake city UT burts tiki lounge (need locals) pending
08/22/2008 Friday Portland OR red room confirmed
12/19/2008 Friday portland OR slabtown confirmed
12/20/2008 Saturday salem OR ike box confirmed
12/21/2008 Sunday medford OR DAY OFF* confirmed
12/22/2008 Monday santa rosa CA black rose irish pub confirmed
12/23/2008 Tuesday san francisco CA grant and green confirmed
12/24/2008 Wednesday san luis obispo CA frog and peach confirmed
12/25/2008 Thursday so cal CA help
12/26/2008 Friday flagstaff AZ hotel monte vista confirmed
12/27/2008 Saturday phoenix / tucson AZ help
12/28/2008 Sunday tucson AZ Crave Espresso Bar confirmed
12/29/2008 Monday so cal CA help
12/30/2008 Tuesday long beach CA the blue cafe confirmed
12/31/2008 Wednesday mill valley CA sweetwater saloon pending
01/01/2009 Thursday hayward CA the bistro confirmed
01/02/2009 Friday Southern Oregon OR help
01/03/2009 Saturday Portland OR kelly's olympian confirmed
03/02/2012 Friday portland default CANCELLED confirmed
03/03/2012 Saturday portland OR show for my my hey heys* confirmed
03/04/2012 Sunday east OR default CANCELLED confirmed
03/05/2012 Monday boise default CANCELLED confirmed
03/06/2012 Tuesday SLC default CANCELLED confirmed
03/07/2012 Wednesday CO default CANCELLED confirmed
03/08/2012 Thursday CO default CANCELLED confirmed
03/09/2012 Friday KS / MO default CANCELLED confirmed
03/10/2012 Saturday MO default CANCELLED confirmed
03/11/2012 Sunday AR default CANCELLED confirmed
03/12/2012 Monday LA default CANCELLED confirmed
03/13/2012 Tuesday LA default CANCELLED confirmed
03/14/2012 Wednesday houston / east TX default CANCELLED confirmed
03/15/2012 Thursday austin TX sxsw* -CANCELLED confirmed
03/16/2012 Friday austin TX sxsw* - CANCELLED confirmed
03/17/2012 Saturday austin TX sxsw* - CANCELLED confirmed
03/18/2012 Sunday no TX default CANCELLED confirmed
03/19/2012 Monday no TX default CANCELLED confirmed
03/20/2012 Tuesday no TX / NM default CANCELLED confirmed
03/21/2012 Wednesday nm/az default CANCELLED confirmed
03/22/2012 Thursday az default CANCELLED confirmed
03/23/2012 Friday Az / so cal default CANCELLED confirmed
03/24/2012 Saturday so cal default CANCELLED confirmed
03/25/2012 Sunday so / mid cal default CANCELLED confirmed
03/26/2012 Monday mid/ no cal default CANCELLED confirmed
03/27/2012 Tuesday no cal default CANCELLED confirmed
03/28/2012 Wednesday so OR or NO cal default CANCELLED confirmed
03/29/2012 Thursday eugene default CANCELLED confirmed
03/30/2012 Friday portland default CANCELLED confirmed
03/31/2012 Saturday seattle default CANCELLED confirmed
04/06/2012 Friday portland OR gemini lounge confirmed
04/07/2012 Saturday pendleton OR Little Vert Theater* confirmed
04/08/2012 Sunday boise ID tom graineys confirmed
04/09/2012 Monday salt lake city UT the garage confirmed
04/10/2012 Tuesday denver CO quixotes confirmed
04/11/2012 Wednesday lakewood CO Eck's Saloon confirmed
04/12/2012 Thursday wichita KS kirby's beer store confirmed
04/13/2012 Friday wichita KS kirby's beer store* confirmed
04/14/2012 Saturday KS / MO / OK / AR default help
04/15/2012 Sunday memphis TN murphy's confirmed
04/16/2012 Monday new orleans LA checkpoint charlies confirmed
04/17/2012 Tuesday new orleans LA neutral grounds coffeehouse (early show) confirmed
04/17/2012 Tuesday metairie LA babylon lounge (late show) confirmed
04/18/2012 Wednesday houston TX super happy fun land confirmed
04/19/2012 Thursday austin TX headhunters confirmed
04/20/2012 Friday SE TX default help
04/21/2012 Saturday fort worth TX the aardvark confirmed
04/22/2012 Sunday no TX / OK default help
04/23/2012 Monday Roswell NM the unity center confirmed
04/24/2012 Tuesday scottsdale AZ rogue bar confirmed
04/25/2012 Wednesday flagstaff AZ monte vista lounge confirmed
04/26/2012 Thursday san diego CA tower bar confirmed
04/27/2012 Friday La Mirada CA Rookies Bar confirmed
04/28/2012 Saturday goleta CA biko co-op (cancelled) confirmed
04/29/2012 Sunday ventura CA billyos - CANCELLED confirmed
04/30/2012 Monday MID / NO CAL CA help
05/01/2012 Tuesday oakland CA stork club confirmed
05/02/2012 Wednesday cotati CA tradewinds bar confirmed
05/03/2012 Thursday eugene default help
05/04/2012 Friday salem OR Gilgamesh Lounge confirmed
05/05/2012 Saturday portland OR Jam on Hawthorne* (need locals) confirmed