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at the spine
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at the spine

location: seattle, WA
label: global seepej records
press: "the sound of perfectly serrated pop" (Portland Mercury, Portland, OR)

"propulsive drums and ... more.

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At the Spine is a high energy rock/punk rock/indie rock band from Seattle, WA. The demo for the first album, The Curriculum is Never Neutral, was recorded at 151st & Broadway in NYC in 2001. Work on the actual album began in Seattle in the summer in the summer of 2002 and earlier experimentations with the band stretch back to as far as 1992 in Portland, OR.

At the Spine loves and lives to play live music. We believe in the power of music. We try to make great music and put on sincere and energetic live shows. We also try to do what we can to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable planet.

We write about what we have experienced and seen in the world. Sometimes it is about politics, and sometimes it is about relationships. Sometimes we are raging against something, like war or imperialism, and sometimes we are celebrating something in solidarity with the masses of the world. Sometimes we cry tears of sorrow and sometimes tears of joy.

We have played hundreds of shows across the U.S. and a bit in the E.U. since 2002 and released four critically acclaimed albums.

2003 The Curriculum is Never Neutral
2005 First Day of Spring
2006 Sonic Resistance
2008 Vita

Music has inspired us, moved us, and kept us alive though the good and the bad times, so we are doing our best to return the favor to all those that have come before us, and all those that will come after us. Your support is greatly appreciated.