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location: chicago, IL
label: luminal records
press: “A-Set knows how to pull off risky hooks and arrangements with an effortless grace that can only be... more.
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In 1998 A-Set started as a small project backed by a grand vision. After Albert Menduno made his move from both the west and east coast scenes – he found himself with a creative awareness that left behind the former bands he played with. Bands such as "Mohinder," "Calm,” "Duster" and "Haleah." Rooted in Chicago’s cold, Albert’s songs began to take shape – as he met new musicians and dug through the snow of song writing. His songs speak of poets and times long lost, David Bowie type singing – sad and sometimes heavy lyrics and hard, heavy tunes with a twinge of melancholy. After having toured many times, as well putting out a string of releases, Albert has continued to write, read and create, working with many talented and notable musicians. A lengthy hiatus gave Albert an opportunity to re-group, as well as re-create his focus and musical vision, playing alone as well as with other musicians, touring and taking things into command – A-Set has had a re-birth...The band as it now stands, is a creation in the making with other artists on board that back up Albert's vision of singer songwriter rock. "Adeline Moon" – a full length album and his newest release – embraces the new A-Set, as well as it does the old...under the guise that "change is good" but "old things shall remain the same."