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location: san diego, CA
label: grey flight records
press: - Released two critically acclaimed albums: “Semantic Noise” on Lola Records and “Make-up for the In... more.
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irradio – (ir rod io) - the eu, or “I”, form of the Portuguese verb, irradiare, meaning to shed light on; illuminate. Simply put: I illuminate. “What does irradio mean?” is the most frequently asked question of this five piece post-punk indie rock band from San Diego, CA. The group was formed in 1999 by its fist-in-the-air frontman Dan Dasher (26) and guitar-wielding co-founder Paulo Zuniga (23). Dasher brings an interesting blend of shouting and singing over his trademark catchy guitar riffs, while Zuniga provides the perfect balance and counter melodies of this unique guitar team. The rhythm section – brothers Collin (26, drums) and Chad (23, bass) Tuthill – create a danceable grooviness that defies classification when combined with the quirky guitar work. Hype-man Edgar Alminar (25, keyboard and percussion) adds the final touch of electronic edge, making this band’s style truly irrefutable. “Make-up for the Inaugurated”, the group’s sophomore release, was met with enthusiasm from fans as well as critical acclaim. Studio guru Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, Rocket from the Crypt) recorded and produced this album at Signature Sound studio in their home town. The band is currently playing as many shows around the country as they can, and writing new music for the next album. irradio has been on many compilations, such as Insound, Magnet, and Amp and featured in magazines such as Amp, San Diego Music Matters, and Transworld Skateboarding. They have also been nominated for a San Diego Music Award for two consecutive years. Along with bringing an original sound and influence to the collective musical table, the band’s message is one of truth, creativity, and individuality. They share values emphasizing community, urgency, celebration, revolution and preservation, but their personalities are very much their own. Their lives have taken different paths, but their goal is the same: irradio wants to play in front of YOU in YOUR home town. In a world where image drowns talent and laughs at integrity, irradio is a much-needed release. The combination of these five musical explorers equals a powerfully energetic live show that must be experienced to be understood. The definition of irradio serves as a doorway into this band’s universe. Do yourself a favor: Step the rest of the way in and help start the revolution today.