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Model A has always had the intention of creating exciting music that would appeal to the general public. Faced with an overwhelming array of sounds to choose from the band decided not to discriminate and began to use different timbres in an interesting manner, while putting their unique stamp on it all. The Sound, called indie-electro by some and psychedelic space rock by others, alludes to the cerebral tint of 60's psych in partnership with modernized ambience provided with synth tones and creaking samples. The band combines the latest in musical technology and innovation with vintage inspired grooves, overall vibe and resonance. Driving the music is singer Brandon Schilling’s elevated tenor. Using falsetto liberally, he carries the melody line dazzlingly, while his mysterious lyrics inspire contemplation. Motivating the psychedelic sound scapes is guitarist Patrick Wilson, whose vast array of pedals and technology usually drops a few jaws before folks even hear a note. His style varies between lead, rhythm and textual ambience at a moment’s notice and often leaves the listener guessing what could possibly come next. The foundation of the band is the unstoppable rhythm section of bassist Thierry Sertyn and drummer Brennan Rose. Brennan’s style can only be described as extremely diverse, switching between jazz influenced poly-rhythms, four on the floor rock, and mind-blowing tom-tom fills, often within the course of a single song. Thierry’s grooving bass lines are always attention grabbing; while his thunderous distortion and bob-your-head grooves keep the songs grounded. Rounding out the sound of Model A is the EM9000, a Macintosh computer which controls everything from German made synthesizers to the latest in software sampling. In 2001 the band released their first project “The Stir” EP, which was played on college radio stations across California. The CD was reviewed as "taking large cues from the glitchy paranoia of Radiohead, the menacing dub of Massive Attack, and the sweeping space rock of Spaceman 3. Their music is all about soaring vocal lines, propulsive beats, depth charge bass lines, and intricate guitar and keyboard interplay" -Section M Magazine. Now, in 2004, a new CD has been completed. The six song CD, entitled “Transmission Lost”, ventures through the several styles in which Model A excels. The opening track Wasted Line opens the album. The song begins with an absurdly sick wall of sound combined with a haunting vocal melody. After several choruses and solos, a massive crescendo of whirling instrumentation and sound effects peak quickly into an electro-ambient bliss which is wrapped up by the last sing-along coda section. Other Songs on the CD like Telling showcase the band’s slower, natural side while Rest Assured takes a dissimilar approach combining drum loops and spectral dissonance. While the band is extremely proud of the studio efforts showcased on Transmission Lost, it is their live shows where Model A truly takes form. Extreme precision of playing is combined with loose-form jamming and experimentation on stage. Some aspects of the songs change from show to show in a positive manner that evolves the music with every performance. As often as possible, Model A's live show is complemented with the amazing lighting effects of John Sonderegger and his company, The Rainbow Atomic Prism Lightshow. Their light show incorporates the classic oil light effects of the 60's with the addition of modern digital technology. The combination is intensely mind bending.