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location: Boston, MA
label: Radar Recordings
press: Seneca - Existe Recorded by A. Gordilla Mastered by N. Zampiello at New Alliance East Produ... more.
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"Skies opened a torrent fight to wash the wars away." At times both fragile and heart pounding, Seneca take the stage with nothing short of urgency and intensity. A leading Boston Buzz band, their New England performances have been selling out in recent support of their debut EP, Existe. Conceptually exploratory, they employ an aggressive and complex rhythm section, juxtaposed with ethereal, atmospheric guitars, spacey melodic vocals, and intricate thematic progressions. Like Led Zeppelin or The Police 35 years ago, Seneca proposes a new sound that challenges an ailing music industry and an eager audience, akin to such current visionaries as The Mars Volta, Sigur-Ros, and Godspeed you! Black Emperor. What has been hailed by critics as a “Must See Live Act,” Seneca are currently planning a 2005 National Tour, following the recording of their first full length LP. “Everywhere you turn your attention in this band, there is something amazing going on.” -Steve Gisselbrecht, The Noise – 11.12.04