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location: san diego, CA
label: breathing room records
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lowcloudcover is like black paint pouring straight from the can. Contrasting with the sun of San Diego, lowcloudcover approaches their music with a moodiness not found in that of their local peers. Dario Izarraras´ hypnotic, aggressive bass, Jay Richardson´s commanding drums, Greg Russell´s droning guitar and Bekkah Walker´s textural keyboards and samplers compliment each other through heavy waves of driving emotion and sonic soundscapes. Building off lyrics of anxiety and scrutiny, the band comes together like a sticky ball of tape picking up pieces and making songs instead of showcases. Beautiful in their smoothness and frightening in their intensity, lowcloudcover holds your breath and allows you release at the decay of the last note. Dario and Greg came together as lowcloudcover and in April 2003 released a debut EP. One Little Shot In the Eye offered songs that began to play regularly on FM radio stations FM 91X, FM 94.9 and various college radio stations in the area. A song from the EP was also featured on MTV´s Real World San Diego. From this attention and regular shows the band attracted multiple features in local San Diego publications such as the San Diego Reader, San Diego City Beat and Fahrenheit. In January of 2004 lowcloudcover rebuilt their line up as a four-piece band by adding veteran experience. Both Jay and Bekkah came from San Diego´s prog-rock powerhouse The Dropscience (Happy Couples Never Last Records and Substandard Records). Prior to that, Bekkah had played in Panoply Academy Glee Club (Secretly Canadian Records). lowcloudcover immediately garnered attention for their Spring 2004 appearance on San Diego is Burning, a compilation released by Loud and Clear Records featuring 19 San Diego bands, including Black Heart Procession, No Knife and Kill Me Tomorrow. The band played live in-studio at FM 91X and toured up the west coast in promotion of the compilation. In the Fall 2004 lowcloudcover released a new EP, …I Took A Second Too Long on Breathing Room Records. The CD begins with driving rhythms and proceeds to shift from crushing attacks to minimal ambience, each instrument weaving in and out of each other blurring individual identities in support of a larger picture. …I Took A Second Too Long is a document of a band sensitive to sound and maturing in vision.