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"I hope this music can help other people like it's helped me," reflected Alabama-based musician Justin Turberville when talking about Bearhead's latest EP titled after it's opening track "Learn Not To Lie". Turberville is best-known for his efforts as singer/guitarist/songwriter for the Selma, Alabama-based rock band, Laylines. After the abrupt dissolution of the band due to the drummer's personal matters, Turberville found himself more prolific than ever, flooding his musical palette with new songs daily.

Within weeks, Turberville had a phone call in to former Hum front-man, Matt Talbott, the wheels begin to churn, and the production of "Learn Not To Lie" was scheduled. Shortly after the tape began to roll, Turberville left and returned home to Alabama citing a mental breakdown. "Something didn't feel right." said Turberville, "I was, and still am, dealing with severe anxiety."

"Learn Not To Lie" became Turberville's personal therapy. Connecting with friend and engineer, Andy Jackson (singer/guitarist of Hot Rod Circuit), Turberville began his healing process performing Vocals and all other instruments on the recording aside from a few Telecaster, and drum tracks performed by Bronson Tew. "I think I just needed to be home in Alabama to record this album," mused Turberville.

The songs on "Learn Not To Lie" are emotional depictions of the pain in dealing with loss, illness, and the everyday anomalies of anxiety. From "Simple", a Thoreau-like call to arms reminder of how to live his life, to "Emergency Room", an explosive realization of self-identity, Turberville confronts his emotions by creating Bearhead's first EP. Tracks 1-4 were recorded at Andy Jackson's studio. Tracks 5-9 are home recordings that Bearhead have recently added to the live show.

Derek Scott recently filled a permanent position as the drummer in Bearhead in July of 2008. "So far he has shown more dedication and has more backbone than any other musician I've ever played with. I already feel like we're brothers or something," says Turberville. Though Scott didn't play drums on the EP, he makes up for it with his "you're gonna blink with every snare hit" approach during live shows.

Bearhead have more than just talent to offer; they are also very dedicated to their band. Immediately after joining Bearhead, Scott bought a van so they could tour. Turberville is in the process of moving his family closer to Scott so they can start writing together and working on a full-length album.