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location: portland, OR
label: post 436 records
press: "I'm not afraid to die because I'm not afraid to live." Say what you will about the dreary states... more.
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The Lake Effect, the new release from Portland, Oregon's Daniel G. Harmann merges indie rock with dreamy atmospheric pop and simple but elegant songwriting. Continually searching for ways to break the singer/songwriter mold, Harmann uses non-traditional song structures driven by his delicate falsetto and layered between guitars, keyboards, and cello. "I've always related more to the punk rock side of the scene than the singer/songwriter side," Harmann says. The result is a record with occasional electric guitar grit but also the lushness of a choir of vocal harmonies. Harmann grew up in rural Arizona, moved to Seattle in 1999 and relocated to Portland in 2003. Recording his first record in 2001, Failures in Motion, the songs were written as some letters to friends and family. Produced by Graig Markel at the Recovery Room in Seattle, the album was so well received that Markel asked to release it on his own label, Recovery Records . Harmann toured continually in 2002 in support of the record, and in February of 2003, he returned to the studio with Markel to begin work on The Lake Effect which is being released on April 6, 2004 by Florida 's Post436 Records. He will tour the U.S. again starting with the West Coast and then hitting the rest of the country in the spring. Special guests on The Lake Effect include Rosie Thomas (Sub Pop Records), Lesli Wood (Ms. Led/Saeta), Bob Smolenski (Saeta), Graig Markel and Drew Ringo (Maxmillian Colby/Sleepytime Trio). Harmann will also appear on a new Low compilation to be released by Fractured Discs in the spring titled We Could Live in Hope - A Tribute to Low.