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location: fresno, CA
press: 2 a.m. Orchestra is California singer/songwriter David J. Kelley. Ambitious in scop... more.
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“The brainchild of singer-songwriter David J. Kelley, this Fresno, Calif., quintet plays emotional alt-pop with all the ups of a Ben Folds record and all the downs of a Radiohead epic.” –Performing Songwriter Magazine (Vol. 10, Issue 60, May 2003) “From start to finish, the self titled release by 2 a.m. Orchestra is a damn fine album…The songs are richly orchestrated, catchy as hell, and oftentimes revel in a dewy eyed wonder of the world. On of the finer albums of the year and one that revels its many pleasures with each listening.” – (Terry Eagan, 2002) “2 a.m. Orchestra offers honest, straightforward and unvarnished music distinguished by both its composition and its execution. A graceful and beautifully realized performance.” –Round Sound ( 11/02) 2 a.m. Orchestra is a modern blend of melodic pop and folk-rock created by David J. Kelley. Whether performing solo as an intimate acoustic act or with a full band in a nightclub, Kelley captivates a broad audience with his memorable songs and eclectic sound. In the summer of 2001, singer-songwriter, David J. Kelley, was finishing a recording project he was to call 2 a.m. Orchestra. While the CDs were being pressed, Kelley rehearsed a live band to perform in support of his debut release. Teaming with long-time friends and partners in music, the live sound took on an element of its own, and soon 2 a.m. Orchestra was officially a band. The current line up consists of Kelley on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Keyboardist, Jeff Simpson, Bassist, Aaron Taunton, Drummer, Randy Stindt, and the latest member, Jake Rice, on Synth and Guitar. 2 a.m. Orchestra will be wrapping up their 2nd full-length album in November/December. In Support of the new CD, the band will be on the road in January, stopping by a number of venues, college radio stations, and record stores all along the west coast. Please visit for performance dates.