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This Is A Process Of A Still Life

location: Missoula, MT
label: firefly sessions
press: Splendid written by: Mike Baker (08.03.2004) Sadly, we live in an indie-rock climate so inundate... more.
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Formed in the early spring of 2003, This Is A Process Of A Still LIfe is composed of 5 members, each hailing from a different state. (Virginia, N. Carolina, Mississippi, Minnesota, and Montana) The five piece instrumental band came together in Missoula, MT, where they now reside. In their musical approach This Is A Process Of A Still Life utilize ambience and textures to create a moody but beautiful soundscape. At times the music approaches a controlled sense of chaos, but becomes lured back into a pleasant insecurity. The drum and bass roles create a spacious foundation, while emotionally intertwining guitar melodies saturate the mood. Bells and electric piano often lend a hand in creating their delicate soundscape. the band will be releasing their first record (recorded at haywire recording) when the snow melts off in 2004. They will touring in support of this release throughout the spring and summer to follow.