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location: Chicago, IL
label: graveface records
press: AS IF BY GHOSTS, the second full-length release from Chicago's most unassuming post-rock trio is no... more.
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From its distinctly somber opening, "as if by ghosts" haunts the listener with echoes of time lost. Its 10 tracks effectively create the sunshine-through-a-million-clouds atmosphere that the trio has honed over their 4 year existence. Like an epic journey through a sleeping graveyard, "as if by ghosts" is a grey, but pastoral scene. Drums are the melody, guitars are the ghosts, and imagery is the feeling that drives dreamend's newest. The forty five minute trip flows with the grace of a 23 year-old growing a sepiatone beard. The magic of this collection of songs lies in the weathering of what was. To conjure the spirits of discarded memories, each album is packaged with an authentic, completely unique photograph from the early 1900s, squared off by a simplistic, lunch-bag frame. The selfdom of each exclusive cover, paired with the apathetic stills of moth-eaten American life, best suits the album's integrity. "as if by ghosts" feels like a beautifully focused record on such seemingly unfocused themes as those. Ryan says he is 23, but i know he's either 25 or 22. -tom (black moth super rainbow)