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The first note hits you. Like an electroshock, singer Gordie Muscutt's voice warns you that Woke Up Falling has changed. It’s been three years since they released “Dividing Blue from Blue” a dreamy-goth pop effort that deservedly garnered them attention from indie press and led to a respectable buzz in their hometown of Portland, OR and abroad. At the end of it all they were left with what they started with, a desire to create the music that they wanted to - whether or not it was considered revolutionary, original or cool. Most of the fair-weather friends had left, the buzz was gone – moving onto another band of the moment. So Woke Up Falling said “fuck it” and set out to record an album that would contain everything they had as artists and as people. The music is more intricate, more gutsy and well... just more. It’s the sound of a band maturing and yet still pushing themselves: musically, personally and emotionally. You feel this album. In the melodies that guitarist Zak Martin weaves in and out - lifting and pulling each track, to the edge of control drumming of Josh Hill, to the visceral scream of Gordie's voice. A voice telling painfully honest tales of death, drugs and the struggle to keep faith. Woke Up Falling has finally surpassed the comparisons (you know the drill… Robert Smith, Jimmy Eat World, etc.) and have recorded an album that sounds resoundingly like them. All comparisons aside, Woke Up Falling has been through this before. Touring non-stop through countless cities, a full-length, an EP, blood, sweat and plenty of tears. Their latest self-titled effort is all of that emotion and hard work poured into 11 amazing songs. It certainly makes you wonder why you may have not heard this before.