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location: portland, OR
press: "Fortunately, the ingenuity of Portland’s Avenue of the Strongest goes far beyond its name, reaching... more.
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In the summer of 2000 the musical project Avenue of the Strongest was initiated with the convergence of Russ Wallis, Delaney Kelly, and Nic Kuhta. Though on the surface it would appear that we had started from scratch, none of us having been in any serious bands before this one, it was the culmination of three years of musical growth and experimentation experienced separately with Russ Wallis and Nic Kuhta residing in Bellingham WA and Delaney Kelly in Florence Italy. After the completion of various academic and artistic endeavors we found ourselves living back in our home town of Spokane WA which provided us with an environment of minimal external interference, at least musically speaking. These were the perfect conditions in which to develop our sound and consolidate our ideas on just exactly what we were trying to create musically. After a summer of shows in the northwest, including the cities of Seattle, Bellingham, Missoula and others, we left the musical incubator of the Inland Northwest and now reside in the musical orphanage of Portland OR. Here we met and added bassist Robert Bruce Wheaton III and in May of 2001 we began recording our first full length, Foundations, at Haywire Studios which was then released in December on our own label, Salon des Refuse Records. It is from these humble beginnings that we now present ourselves and our music to the fervent micro-masses across this vast country. With a departure from a consistent musical formula, tight changes, and a variety of vocal stylings we try to encompass and portray the gamut of the collective, and often conflicting, human psyche (or something like that). More simply put, we enjoy traveling around, our 30 to 45 minutes of catharsis, playing with all the amazing bands in the area, and meeting an array of interesting people out there.