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BY NATHAN CARSON | 503-243-2122

[February 25th, 2009]

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Cobbled together from the carcasses of countless musical abortions, Mongoloid Village displays both an idiot savant's fascination with number-play and a neanderthal's dull-witted delight in the use of bludgeoning force. Perhaps paradoxically, the band bears the mark of both the Melvins’ titanic riff-texts and Sonic Youth’s supramundane aural explorations; the playfully convulsive prog of Nomeansno and the noisily lush textures of Unwound are represented equally. Still more analysis may reveal the band’s obsessive parsing of King Crimson and Captain Beyond artifacts. Lyrics run the gamut from pointlessly mean-spirited diatribes against petty personal enemies to pointlessly mean-spirited diatribes masquerading as satiric cultural commentary -- but whatever the content, their form betrays a childish affection for profanity and a suspicious preoccupation with bodily functions. Since the fall of 2007, Mongoloid Village has shared bills with such luminaries as Thrones, Heroine Sheiks, Madraso, Kowloon Walled City, and Nine Worlds.