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Walk Through Walls

location: Houma, LA
agent Rob
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Walk Through Walls is a five- piece band from Houma Louisiana, a city about 45 minutes from New Orleans. Having influences from bands such as: Braid, Fugazi, The Pixies, Pavement, Guided by Voices, The Police, Iggy and the Stooges, Bad Brains, Trail of Dead, Modest Mouse, Mock Orange, U2, The Who, Elvis Costello, Janes Addiction, Drive Like Jehu, and Hum, it is nearly impossible to place Walk Through Walls into anyone genre of music. At best Walk Through Walls could be described “Emotionally wounded rock and roll.” Having songs with peaceful harmonies to raw in your face power, along high energy live shows Walk Through Walls will have you breathlessly anticipating their every move, while at the same time leave you begging for more. Since their formation in Feb. 2001 Walk Through Walls has toured places such as: Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida, and played with bands such as: Sparta, Cave-in, Brandston, The Start, The Hope Conspiracy, The Blood Brothers, Mock Orange, Brandston, Liars Academy, Dynamite Boy, and many other great bands.