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location: boston, MA
label: Nameless Records
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… h a r r i s … it is not often that a rock band comes along delivering unforgettable hooks, energy, and true passion for the music that they create. but somehow harris have been able to embody these characteristics since the beginning. a staple in the lowell, massachusetts music scene since the winter of 2000, harris have broken the indie rock band mold, and through their effervescent stage show, secured a loyal legion of followers. their debut album, “the first few year,” was an immediate local hit in a fiercely competitive musical scene and drew attention from college radio stations and clubs up and down the east coast. harris recently relocated to boston and by playing with the likes of the sheila divine, the lot six, and rainer maria, have made a name for themselves. looking to release an e.p. in the spring of 2003 and follow up with a complete tour of the united states in the summer, harris is ready to introduce their brand of emotion-driven rock to the masses.