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buckfast superbee

location: san diego, CA
label: walking records
agent Rob
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Since 1998 Buckfast Superbee has been as passionate and dedicated as the music they make. With the release of their 3rd studio album: ‘Buckfast Superbee’ in late summer 2003, the band will embark once again on their mission to bring their sound to the people. Having been voted “Best New Artist 1999” and then “Best Alternative Band 2001” at the San Diego Music awards, BFSB remains progressive and prolific. With hammering backbeats, soaring guitars and undeniably hooky melodies, the Buckfast Superbee sound swirls into the pop world one note at a time. This new record has BFSB at their finest; blending their immense pop sensibilities with taut musicianship. With a growing fan base, extensive tour plans, a new album, and a string of successful shows to come, Buckfast Superbee is getting ready to be your new favorite band. Are you listening?